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Program Participation
The Palliative Care eLearning Program integrates various pedagogic methods within a Knowledge Translation (KT) to practice framework. Learners will participate in online collaborative knowledge building, 2 face-to-face seminars or online webinars, and individual elearning with comprehensive formative feedback to support KT.

The Palliative Care eLearning Program contains 7 different components in the following sequence:

  • An introductory face-to-face seminar or online webinar where you will meet your online colleagues and discuss basic palliative care principles.
  • 3 web-based modules in which 2 clinical cases unfold for collaborative knowledge building on the topic of pain.
  • A second face-to-face seminar or online webinar where participants discuss symptoms other than pain.
  • 2 web-based modules in which 2 clinical cases unfold for collaborative knowledge building; 1 case involves a patient with end-stage heart disease and the other involves a patient in the last days and hours of life.

Case-based collaborative discussion for each module will be done in Knowledge Forum (KF), for approx. 1 month per module. All KF discussions will be facilitated by a palliative care expert. Plan to devote approximately 4 hours per month working on this program. Time will be spent individually reading and researching, and collectively knowledge building online. The two face-to-face seminars/webinars will be scheduled on a weekend for a half day.

Computer & Internet Requirements
High speed Internet and Google Chrome browser is preferred for access to all eLearning and multimedia components in the Palliative Care eLearning (PCeL) Program. The web-based collaborative learning environment used in this course is Knowledge Forum (KF). Please disable any software that prevents the use of pop-up windows in KF. Once you have registered for this program you will receive an email with an access code to the PCeL Program and you will be provided with a registration code to KF in the first session.
Educational Research
This program is being conducted as a Knowledge Translation research study (Ethical Protocol, Simcoe Hall, University of Toronto). Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. All aggregate data will be reported anonymously. Please download and review the Information and Consent Letter (to be posted soon).